Why DialWeb®?


As we all know, the internet web domain names play a very important role in our lives. And in the internet world, domain names are especially an important issue.


 Another important problem is that there are now billions of domain names which are also in many different languages.


 People who speak different languages around the world are not always able to enter domain names which require different alphabets.


However, everyone knows how to enter digital numbers.


DialWeb® converts alphabetic domain names, subdomain names, and even domain pages to Digital Domain Numbers free of charge. Thus, users can access domain names created with different alphabets by simply entering a Digital Domain Number with the digital pad, on your desktop, laptop, smart phone.


All you have to do is register your domain name(s) and get your specially generated for you DialWeb® Number by system.


The number you receive now gives you and any other users from all over the world addition easy access to your Domain(s) without using alphabetic characters.


 Thanks to DialWeb®;



DialWeb® brand of the Mete Foundation® and powered by Alperen Group® technologies